The Clear Alternative
what makes big picture consulting the clear choice?

At BPC, we partner with our clients to understand their vision and to Think Big Picture about their projects. BPC has deep experience in the construction industry as construction field management, project management, ownership and a consultant.

our services

Budget Trend

Compares the owner original project budget with design development bids and provides an easily digestible report of how the pricing is trending and attributable “big swings”.

Bid coverage

Review bids from GC/Subcontractors and provide a written report that outlines the observed scope included, potential gaps and opportunities.

Drawing Review

Drawing Completeness

A review, comparison and written report of the drawing Table of Contents & drawing sheets, referenced sections, elevations, etc. and verifies that those sheets are included in the set.


A review of contract documents for missing information that will be required to properly bid, construct and/or coordinate scope.

Value Engineering

A review of contract documents to identify potential alternative construction methods, VE opportunities and/or materials that may result in cost or schedule reduction.



Overlays the Architectural & Structural drawings and reviews for coordination with items such as slab edge, openings/chases, etc. and provides a written report.

3D Renderings & Other Virtual Services

Provides Architectural renderings for a representation of finished construction and/or marketing purposes. Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be provided to provide detailed virtual drawing coordination and minimize field coordination.

Custom services

At Big Picture, we understand that you may not know exactly what you need for your project. Maybe you have everything handled but you occasionally need someone to bounce your ideas off of. Or, maybe you are preparing to develop a new project that’s larger or more complicated than your typical product type. No matter where you are with your project, we are confident that we can provide valuable service for our clients.

BPC will create a custom services plan to fit your needs! In addition to the primary services, we also provide owner representation, estimates, studies, schedule review and contract preparation.